Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Download Atif Aslam's new album meri kahani

Atif Aslam's new album 'Meri Kahani' has been released by Fire Records in Pakistan.

To hear the album, click Here .

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Doorie (Cover) Junaid Shaikh - Live in Oakland, CA

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Latest message from Najam Sheraz to fans

Goodness its been two months since I left for Mumbai India and what a rocking time I had there and an extensive video shoot Mumbai was so hot .....Kanwal at Frankfinn is a cool guy ....shareen is a great film maker a wonderful person and a great lady......Ramu cooked so well I miss his Daals and Veg. last month came to England and it was so cold here .....Due to the delay at Karachi airport Plae reached dubai a bit late and to get on the plane to London I had to sacrifice my luggage which came a day later so I had to lock myself up in the room all day but I still managed to buy sonme stuff to get in to the swimming at Excell east London were massive as usual played 75000 people in two nights and launched ''Only Love'' the response was massive ,,,,we will upload the live performance soon .....explored Canary wharf this time cant forget my room at Marriot right across west India Quay station where train would almost pass through my room was so much fun .....moved to another cool place Raddison it was beautiful just the pool was a bit small ..... Went to KingsLynn after a long time to see my favourit people Sean / Trish/ Ben /Dannial the bat man ......met anothe great guy this time Keith Trish's Dad ......came back to London for an urgent meeting with Bryan Thompson of film 38 who back then was the production manager (the director of dil tumhara.......will explain in the next bltn) lots happened in that meeting ......went back to Marriot got the same room just one floor up .....then swam in the Crown Plaza same week for a few days .....and then went back to Kings Lynn when video got delayed for the third time .....and guess what in four days I wrote TEN songs with Mr. Sean Wright the mad man .......ooh English Album in progress .......Too Be Continued ....sorry flight time gotta move to the plane will write the rest in dubai ....bye for now 4 15 pm 16th Dec. 2007

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Video: Mizraab - Woh Aur Mein

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