Monday, April 2, 2007

Josh back in Pakistan shooting for 2 music videos with fav director Umer Anwar

Josh is back in Pakistan with the intent of shooting two more music videos. The chosen director is again Umar Anwar and one of the songs for which the video is being shot is Ajnabi. Umar Anwar, who has also directed Josh’s video for their remake of Zubeida Khanum’s Aaye Mausam Rangeele Suhaane, says that the concept underlying the videos is focused on “inner frustrations, things we compromise upon in our lives due to societal norms. It’s about breaking free from that, only to discover that you’ve landed up in it again.”

During their last visit, Josh had pronounced working with Umar Anwar as the best experience they have had so far with music video directors. The duo incidentally also had two performances scheduled in Lahore that were supposed to happen during this trip, one in a well-known art school and the other in a reputed business school, but according to Qurram, they were cancelled just hours after they landed in Pakistan.

Josh expressed disappointed at the cancellation since such mishaps not only result in a disruption of their schedules but also result in a portion of their trip going to waste.


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welll video was great n as much greatest then i was expecting

mausam n josh roxxx!!!