Monday, April 9, 2007

Watch: Co-Ven's 2 music videos "Sailing Fast" & "Third World

From traditional jazz to grunge, from western classical to American folk, from British psychedelia to plain old rock n’ roll, Coven’s sound encompasses all these genres, and truth be told, they do it very well. Looking back, Coven was one of founding members of the Lahore underground scene, a scene which is now booming and has already given us some nationally renowned artists in the form of Noori, Call, Jal etc.

The primary reason why Pakistani rock music sounds so monotonous and mundane is because it’s all structured in the same manner. From the subject, to the sound composition, to the lyrical content, each tune is literally an imitation of the other, and it thus becomes hard to differentiate who’s who and what’s what. The structure of Coven’s music may well NOT be fundamentally different from that of international musicians in their genre, but it sure sounds and feels different when one listens to their music in light of everything else being played by other bands and artists in Pakistan.

Hear, feel, and experience their 2 music videos "Sailing Fast" & "Third World Celebrity".

Video: Sailing Fast

Third World Celebrity

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