Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Akash`s Debut Album "AKS" : Download

The Album: Akash's debut album titled "Aks" is exactly what the name suggests. A reflection of what the band represents. Their album comprises of a mixture of songs from soul to rock to elements of eastern classical. It is a combination of what every member of the band is about; they've all come together to add to the unique sound that outshines any single genre.

The album consists of varying flavors of punk and semi-classical sounds coupled with a diverse variety of experimentations that can be seen scattered throughout the album. A lot of live instruments have been used in the album like Violin, Arabian Tabla, Sitar, tan Pura, Flute and Harmoniam. Akash`s sound can be attributed to the unique backgrounds and interests in a variety of genres of music of each individual in the band. Most of songs are based on Soul Rock, however the album's compositions revolve around a darker side of things. The band's main focus has been concentrated on melodies and arrangements

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