Sunday, June 24, 2007

Josh recently shot 4th video 'Rock Your World' in Montreal

After shooting three back-to-back videos in the subcontinent, Josh recently shot their fourth video of Rock Your World from their album Mausam in Montreal. The video is directed by Yves Banchongphanith.

Says Q: “The video is a story that follows the theme of the song. The song is about being in the limelight and how it gets you noticed, which is fun and all, but at the same time most people are intimidated and don’t come up to you even when they would like to. Same is the case with women. The video shows us going about our business, noticing some pretty girls who notice us as well, but we’re not able to really talk to them as we’re interrupted by fans who want to talk to us.”

Some of the band’s recent videos shot in Mumbai and Karachi have a somewhat desi touch to them. So what about this one? “It takes us back to a more fun vibe, with us dancing along with the people around us, having fun, and living it up,” **** Q. Musically, the track is a fusion between a modern hip-hop vibe mixed with Punjabi rhythms. It starts off in English, and then the Punjabi kicks in, and then some reggae courtesy JoJoe. It is also the only English song on the album.

“The teasers should start in a couple of weeks, and following the weeks after that you will see the video on air,” informs Q. — Shahzeb Sheikh


-Muzik Pakistan

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