Friday, June 8, 2007

Supreme Court orders Abrar to omit "Parveen" from song

The Supreme Court on Monday directed pop singer Abrarul Haq to omit the name ‘Parveen’ from his song ‘Parveen tu Bari Namkeen’ and not use such names in his lyrics in future. He was ordered to present an amended version of the song before the court within two weeks. Acting Chief Justice Javed Iqbal and Justice Sardar Raza Khan issued these directives while conducting suo moto proceedings initiated after a letter written by a girl named Parveen was published in the press. Dr Khalid Ranjha, counsel for the defence, argued the name used in the lyrics is ‘Permeen’ and not ‘Parveen’. However, he said his client would omit even this reference. After hearing, Abrar said the letter had proved fictitious. He said the principal of the college had issued a certificate testifying that there was no student named Parveen at his institution.


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Anonymous said...

Ibrar should follow what the judges are saying because i also think that He shouldn't had use Parveen in his song coz it can hurt someone.