Sunday, August 12, 2007

Haroon's first animated music video, Ishq Nasha, released on air

After shooting the video of ‘Jua Khela’ in Mumbai, Haroon chooses the city of lights to shoot his 3rd video of the ‘Ishq Nasha’ taken from his latest album Haroon Ka Nasha. The video is shot in a studio in Karachi and is directed by rocky Sadiya Ashraf and animations are done by her brother Bilal Ashraf.

The video is shot on 90% green screen and took 8 months of rendering on the computer. It is a live action mixed with realistic computer graphics. A whole city (hybrid of 1940’s New York and creative imagination) was recreated with intricate painstaking detail.

The theme of the video is how Haroon, playing the lead role, is madly in love and gets his girl by putting his life into trouble by jumping from buildings etc. Super Model Iraj Manzur is the damsel in distress & she goes blonde for the role. Famous designer Deepak Perwani plays the Don gangster. Interestingly, the animator, Bilal, is a student of the animator of the Spiderman movie. So one can expect to see high quality animation throughout the course of the video. They put Haroon in a harness and they took him 35 feet up in the air with a crane to get shots of him leaping buildings.

Musically, the track is probably the only dance floor thumper in the album where Haroon is simply flawless on vocals. This Punjabi tune is energetic, passionate where singer describes the power and addiction to love.

Article by : Shahzeb Shaikh

-Muzik Pakistan


Anonymous said...

This is an amazing video! I loved the animation, it was excellent. The director Saadiya is she doing any more projects? i heard they are doing ali zafar's video, is this true?

Muzik said...

We have not yet received any news over this yet, but we will update it on our blog as soon as we have any information over this.