Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mekaal Hasan in India promoting upcoming MHB album 'Andholan'

If pop-rock is what you associate Pakistan’s contemporary music scene to, then Mekaal Hasan’s melodies will change your opinion. Growing up with a whole lot of rock and jazz as musical influences, Mekaal Hasan is now one of the well-known guitarists and leading producer in Pakistan.“I would call my music traditional with contemporary influences. Since I grew up with jazz and rock that obviously comes across in my music,” says Mekaal who is in town to promote his second album ‘Andolan’ with his band, The Mekaal Hasan Band.

“It has a dual meaning; it means both revolution and also a style of classical music which I’ve explored on this album,” says Mekaal whose band was formed in 2001 when after jamming individually with bands such as Junoon and other international artistes, Mekaal felt the need to have his own band also found the right people. “People in Pakistan are insulated; they don’t listen to music that’s happening outside and get stuck listening to and following the musicians in the country. After Junoon became a success everyone wanted to be like them, same was the case when Atif Aslam hit it off. This is I feel is self-defeating,” says Mekaal.

Getting a call from none other than Billy Cobham, one of the greatest drummers and jamming with him came as a complete surprise. “Bill just called from Switzerland and I was surprised. Through him I also got in touch with Pete Lockett,” he says. Mekaal’s work has been used in the international circuits. He nurtures a wish to work with Louiz Banks, Gino Banks besides Kailesh Kher with whom he jammed the last time he came to India. Mekaal plans to work in Bollywood sometime in the future and cites his favourite in the industry. “It has to be Shankaar-Ehsaan-Loy who I think have changed the stereotypical Bollywood sound,” he signs off.

-Muzik Pakistan

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