Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ali Zafar building private home music studio in Lahore

He’s known for being finicky about how an album is produced and recorded, and has no qualms about travelling to different ends of the world to get the end result just the way he wants it. Which is why it makes sense that Ali Zafar has been caught up with a bit of construction.

For the past couple of weeks he’s been caught up in building his own, private studio at his home in Lahore. “It’s not a commercial studio,” his manager, Haroon Sheikh said, adding, “it’s for his own personal use and he has the best equipment available which he bought from the US.”

Ali has been missing from the music video circuit for the past couple of months but not anymore. According to Haroon, “We’re in the thought-process of the next video” but preferred to stay tight-lipped about the song or the chosen video director. Other than his current baby, the Ali Zafar in-house studio, he will begin touring extensively sometime at the end of this year.

-Muzik Pakistan

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