Sunday, November 25, 2007

Download Shahzad Hameed - Fear [New Music Video]

He is a part of the dying breed that pioneered underground music in Pakistan, before it became what it is today: a platform through which local artistes hope to launch themselves into mainstream television. Shahzad Hameed is a guitar maestro who’s been in the Lahore underground circuit for over a decade. And for the past year or so, he’s been trying to get his album released.

The latest is that his album, Songs from the Nowhere Land, has been released via a distributor without the involvement of a record label. Carrying the “if you’re not going to do it for me, I’ll do it myself” attitude, this version of the album is slightly different from the original in that it contains additional material.

With one video from the album, Fish Out of Water, previously released to critical acclaim, the latest video from the album, Fear — a collaborative piece of work between Shahzad and other artistes — is currently making the rounds on the tube, the album will also subsequently be available online on for download.

-Muzik Pakistan

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Anonymous said...

Shahzad Hameed is a really talented guitarist and an awesome musician.