Sunday, November 11, 2007

Khuda Ke Liye to release in USA on Nov 21

"Hit movies in Pakistan follow the tried and tested Bollywood recipe of glittering saris, extravagant song-and-dance routines and exotic locations, but a new film has broken the mould. Director Shoaib Mansoor has replaced the typical love stories with warring families, in a harrowing tale of terrorism, racism and the battle for Islam that has proved so controversial there were fears suicide bombers would attack the premiere." – Guardian Unlimited, UK.

After successfully making its way through cinemas in Dubai, Shoaib Mansoor's riveting debut film, Khuda Kay Liye, is making its groundbreaking mark in the UK. Now in its second week of screening, the film has been declared a huge hit, hinted to have beaten the Bollywood release Jab We Met in it's per print average. KKL will now steer itself to the USA on November 21.

Shoaib Mansoor has made a film that actually does Pakistan good and portrays it in a light that changes the general perception of how the world sees this country. That is needed more than anything right now. KKL will be circulating around a couple of important film festivals around the world including the International Film Festival of India, Mexico Film Festival, 3 Continents Film Festival in Paris and Cairo Film Festival, taking its powerful message to its viewers.

The icing on the cake for this brilliant director is the fact that he has been honoured with the Roberto Rossellini Award in Italy for Khuda Kay Liye. The film was screened in Italy on Novemeber 8 and if things have gone according to schedule, he should have received the award last night. An honour this big, for a Pakistani film maker, was even too far fetched to dream of before KKL. If something like this can be achieved, then what's stopping Pakistanis from putting their best foot forward in every walk of life?

-Muzik Pakistan

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KKL has proved that romance,vulgarism isn't the only key to success