Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kaavish's 'Gunkali' close to album completion at Faisal Rafi's studio

Kaavish features Louis John Pinto a.k.a Gumby in the production of their debut album Gunkali currently under progress at Faisal Rafi's studio. The band decided to go for complete live instrumentation played by reknowned artists from across the country namely Jawed Iqbal (violins), Rahat Ali (flutes), Khalid Khan (Bass), Gumby (drums), Shallum Xavier (guitars) and the band itself, Jaffer Zaidi (piano), Raheel Manzar (drums) and Maaz Maudood (guitars)

Kaavish's latest message to their fans:

'We just finished updating our website.. giving it a new look! so we thought we'd write a journal entry since it had been a while! These days, we wake up.. we goto the studio.. work on the album.. come back home and sleep.. the album has reached it's final stages of production.. we would really like to thank everyone for their patience.. we've worked really hard on this album and Inshallah when it's out, you'll realise that it was totally worth the wait.. that is our promise to you! a note of gratitude towards everyone who has helped us in the creation of Gunkali.. and thank you God, for letting us be so close to the album completion..

-Muzik Pakistan

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