Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Drumming sensation Gumby launches his website :

It seems the importance of having a web presence is slowly seeping its way into the music industry. While big guns like Ali Azmat, Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, Strings and Ali Haider among a few others continue to update their official websites, many bands and soloists have still not given this mass medium enough importance.But now drummer par excellence Gumby has taken the plunge and formed his own website. It's designed in a way that suits Gumby's personality. Drum sticks are used as icons and a diary format is visible.

If you don't know Gumby's career graph, a great start is this web site,

And if you're looking to hear which albums Gumby is playing, this site will provide you with all the information. As it turns out, Gumby is featured on pretty much all major albums. He can be heard on Ali Azmat's Klashnifolk, Mekaal Hasan Band's Andholan, Abbas Premjee's Elements – slated for release in 2008 – as well as Kaavish's Gunkali, on which Gumby has played on three numbers – and Zeb and Haniya's debut.

Industry insiders always knew of this drummer's magic but Noori brought Gumby into the spotlight and his live shows with the band made him an icon. Now pursuing a solo career, Gumby is open to all kinds of music and is one of the most sought-after drummers in Pakistan. If you want to know more about the man, all you gotta do is log on!

-Muzik Pakistan

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