Sunday, December 2, 2007

Farooq Ahmed of AaroH producing Gravity and AWS's albums

Livewire sensation and fabulous singer, the front man of Aaroh, Farooq Ahmed is a musician with flair. The driving force of Aaroh has been producing quite a few bands recently. “I am currently producing Gravity and AWS. Gravity has Ahsan (vocals), Shoaib (rhythm guitars), Fahad (lead guitars), Sohaib (bass) and Aziz (drums). They are basically a hard-rock band. AWS has Ahmed Wahab Shah on vocals. Ahmed composes of the songs and quite a few of them were recorded at his home studio. His is basically a pop-rock album,” enlightens Farooq.

So why did he choose this particular band to produce? “Well they had done a single at my studio when they had started doing music, so it was then that I realised they had great potential and an awesome future”, he replies.

About his future plans, he says that, “I plan to take my band and the studio to the next level and inshallah you all shall see the results pretty soon. Aaroh has had something up their sleeve for a while now, so it should be out in the near future”.

-Muzik Pakistan

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