Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hear Audios: Seyyem - Maryam Kizilbash and Leonard Massey female duo band

The band Seyyem was formed by Maryam Kizilbash (writer, vocalist and author of "Floods of Deserted Dreams") and Leonard Massey (keyboardist and composer) in 2007. Seyyem is the only male female duo in Pakistan. The songs are all originals penned by Maryam (Manna).

Here you will find their music and much more Here.

-Muzik Pakistan


Anonymous said...

smart kids, their music is catchy. Keep it up Seyyem!

jugnoo said...

absolutely loved their music, they will go a long way. Lets hpe they stay original and dont becomes commercial like the rest of the freaks. :P smart and goodlooking, good combo

Anonymous said...

remove this link. this band does not exist.