Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mizmaar's hit song 'Sitara' in Hollywood film 'Dragon Wars' OST

At a time when a majority of Pakistani bands are trying their luck in Bollywood, it has been learnt that Mizmaar has jumped on to a bigger opportunity in the form of a Hollywood film called D-War. Mizmaar’s title track from their second album, Sitara, has been included in the film’s official soundtrack (OST) that is directed by Korean director Hyuang-rae Shim, and produced by James B. Kang who is one of the leading Hollywood producers of action-thriller films. The film’s star cast comprises Jason Behr, Amanda Brooks and Robert Forster. D-War has a theme similar to the Steven Spielberg film, Jurassic Park.

Says the band’s guitarist and producer, Kashan Admani, “We got the offer from the producer after the success of Sitara in India. Since the song has a violin part in the intro, it has a very Oriental feel to it, and as the film has a Chinese base, the director felt that it was the right song for it.” When asked if the band has allowed any alterations in composition and lyrics, Kashan said, “No. The great thing is that they wanted the song as it is.”

So now that Mizmaar has finally stepped into the film scene, do they plan to lend their tracks to Bollywood banners? “We have some offers we are working on, and we might be involved in more Hollywood projects in the near future.” Does he think Pakistani rock music fits in a Hollywood film? “We think some of the Pakistani music is superb and comparable to any western music, and so it certainly can be a part of any Hollywood movie if there is a requirement of such music in the film.”

The rock music scene in Pakistan has grown immensely in recent times, with artistes such as Shallum Xavier and others working on international platforms. About the video Admani says, “It should be out in a few days. It’s a newly-edited version done by the film’s director with our performance from the original Sitara video.”

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