Sunday, October 28, 2007

Atif Aslam wins 'The Most Stylish Person in Music' award at MTV Style Awards

MUMBAI: Lycra Brand and MTV will present the biggest night in music and fashion as Lycra MTV Style Awards will bring the best of Shafqat Amanat Ali - known for his famous song 'Mitwa' of KANK fame, female rap artist "Hard Kaur" who made an anthem out of 'Ek Glassy', the renowned group 'The Raghu Dixit Project', Atif Aslam, the popular Pakistani pop singer and the sexy girl band 'Rouge' to India. These popular artists will perform exclusively for their Indian fans on October 25th at the Lycra MTV Style Awards 2007 in Mumbai.

It's a fashion show… it's a music concert… NO! It's the Lycra MTV Style Awards! For four years running, MTV has fused music with fashion as no one can. This year too with an awesome line up of talent from across India, Pakistan and the UK; get set for explosions; as Raghu Dixit will make music with Lycra Brand line entitled "Universe of the Young". Uniforms will be the anthem for Shafqat Amanat Ali & designers Abhishek & Nandita. Gangs will be the common thread for Hard Kaur & Vikram Phadnis. Atif will mesmerize the audiences with his performance as the youth designers will unveil their creations as they get personal with "My Tee". Last but not the least ROUGE will urge you to leave your "shyness" behind with their flamboyant performance!

Says Ashish Patil, General Manager - MTV India & Vice President, Creative & Content, "At Lycra MTV Style Awards our objective is to create harmony with different forms of artistic interpretation. Every year we have well known designers showcase their designs to the tunes of popular musicians. This year all our performers are chartbusters and have straddled nearly every genre of music. So when the designers of the year and the musicians come together at Lycra MTV Style Awards you can expect nothing less than magic!"

Shafqat Amanat Ali known as the voice of Shahrukh Khan is currently one of the best singers in Pakistan and is slowly making his way into Bollywood. Trained in the classical music 'Gharana of Patiala', Shafqat has made a name for himself in the world of Pakistani Pop music and was the force behind the Pakistani band - Fuzon. Commenting on performing at the Lycra MTV Style Awards this year Shafqat says, "I'm honoured to be performing at one of the most stylish award ceremonies of the year! To have Abhishek & Nandita showcase their creations for the theme 'Uniforms' to my music **** to the flavour of my song and makes it come alive!"

No newcomer to the scene, Hard Kaur has graced the stage at some of the world's most prestigious venues, opening London shows for Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams and has had resounding success with the club classic 'Ek Glassy'. Quotes Taran Kaur Dhillon, popularly known as Hard Kaur "Music & fashion are two sides of the same coin. As a pop artist it is important to be in sync with style, to set trends & create a culture that people follow." Hard Kaur will create the rhythm for the theme 'Gangs' created by none other than Vikram Phadnis.

Raghu Dixit's music is a seamless amalgamation of Indian ethnic music and styles from different parts of the world. Raghu's singing style can be described as unique as he uses a clever combination of Indian ethnic folk, Sufi and classical phrases into his songs. Says Raghu, "The theme of Lycra MTV Style Awards is "It's my Style" and that is particularly relevant to me because my music is a contemporary personal interpretation of the confluence of musical heritage that only India can boast of!" The Lycra Brand partner's line will be showcased to the music of the Raghu Dixit Project.

Atif Aslam, the Pakistani singer who took India by storm from his very first song 'Woh Lamhe, Woh Baatein' from the movie Zeher, will be setting the beat to the 'My Tee' collection created by students from NIFT Mumbai. These students were chosen as part of the Designer Hunt and will be mentored by Vikram Phadnis. Quips Atif "I'm very excited to perform at the Lycra MTV Style Awards this year, to be in the midst of popular Bollywood celebrities and famous musicians is very humbling."

Rouge, the British Asian all-girl pop band, whose refrain 'Don't be shy' rocked the clubs all over the world, will also ensure that the invitees won't stop rocking here as well. Says Amrita Hunjan, the Indian part of the band, "We are extremely thrilled about our performance at Lycra MTV Style Awards. This will be our first performance in Mumbai and we just can't wait to get there."

Since the conception of Lycra MTV Style Awards, well known artists such as Shankar Ehsaan Loy & DJ Aqeel in 2003, Pentagram & Raghav in 2004, Bombay Rockers & Kailash Kher in 2005 and Bappi Lahiri and Pritam in 2006 have graced the awards with their mind blowing performances and presence.

Lycra MTV Style Awards is known for showcasing the best in music, fashion and Bollywood year on year, so sit back and get ready to enjoy yet another year of mesmerizing magic on stage!

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JoSH nominated in 4 categories in the Bollywood Music Awards

JoSH nominated for 4 awards at the Bollywood Awards to be held on Nov 17th. In addition to this a JoSH song remixed by Rishi Rich (Rock your world) has been nominated as well. This makes JoSH the max awards nominee with 4+1. Himmesh is next with 3. Then Shaan, Sunidhi & Alisha with 2 each.

Best Bhangra Artist - Josh- Mahive- Mausam
Remix Album - Promiscous Girl-(Nelly Furtado and Timbaland) Josh Desi remix
Best Pop artist - Josh-Nachle-Aggar
Best Dance Video - Josh - Rock your world

-Muzik Pakistan

Ali Azmat makes his Bollywood music debut with two mainstream films!

Ali Azmat will now debut as a Bollywood music director and singer. He has already signed one of Rahul Dholakia’s episode on Mumbai-11 and Tera Kya Hoga Johnny, which is directed by Sudhir Mishra. Azmat has also completed his album Klashinfolk and will be releasing it in December.

Ali says, “I am in India right now to shoot videos for Klashinfolk. I have wanted to come to Bollywood from sometime now. I have been great friends with Rahul Dholakia, Sudhir Mishra, Aditya Bhattacharya and Anurag Kashyap for a long time. I am glad that I am doing Sudhir and Rahul’s films. Besides that I have already shot two of my videos and will be shooting one more for my album.”

Finally speaking about the two films, he says, “I am not concentrating on any particular genre as such and it will have different songs from reggae to rock and roll; and hard rock to soft tunes. I have just composed a very dark song for Rahul’s film and I have also composed reggae for Sudhir’s films. I truly believe that whatever the genre of the song, it will do well if it is melodious.”

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ali Azmat's new song Saawal in Bollywood movie 'Bombay 10 Number'

Ali Azmat was in India from 1st October to 20th October, 2007 for Video Shooting of his song "Saawal" from his upcoming album "Kalashinfolk" for the Bollywood film "Bombay 10 number".

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mekaal Hasan in India promoting upcoming MHB album 'Andholan'

If pop-rock is what you associate Pakistan’s contemporary music scene to, then Mekaal Hasan’s melodies will change your opinion. Growing up with a whole lot of rock and jazz as musical influences, Mekaal Hasan is now one of the well-known guitarists and leading producer in Pakistan.“I would call my music traditional with contemporary influences. Since I grew up with jazz and rock that obviously comes across in my music,” says Mekaal who is in town to promote his second album ‘Andolan’ with his band, The Mekaal Hasan Band.

“It has a dual meaning; it means both revolution and also a style of classical music which I’ve explored on this album,” says Mekaal whose band was formed in 2001 when after jamming individually with bands such as Junoon and other international artistes, Mekaal felt the need to have his own band also found the right people. “People in Pakistan are insulated; they don’t listen to music that’s happening outside and get stuck listening to and following the musicians in the country. After Junoon became a success everyone wanted to be like them, same was the case when Atif Aslam hit it off. This is I feel is self-defeating,” says Mekaal.

Getting a call from none other than Billy Cobham, one of the greatest drummers and jamming with him came as a complete surprise. “Bill just called from Switzerland and I was surprised. Through him I also got in touch with Pete Lockett,” he says. Mekaal’s work has been used in the international circuits. He nurtures a wish to work with Louiz Banks, Gino Banks besides Kailesh Kher with whom he jammed the last time he came to India. Mekaal plans to work in Bollywood sometime in the future and cites his favourite in the industry. “It has to be Shankaar-Ehsaan-Loy who I think have changed the stereotypical Bollywood sound,” he signs off.

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Gibson Guitars Corp signs Strings - First Brand Ambassadors from South Asia!

The Gibson Guitar Corp. signs on Strings In a first of its kind deal in the sub-continent, The Gibson Guitar Corporation - renowned guitar manufacturer, has signed on Strings to endorse their Guitars. The deal kicked off with Strings' guitarist Bilal Maqsood using a Powertune Les Paul at a recent gig in Hyderabad Deccan (India). Soon to arrive is a specially ordered shiny red Firebird VII which will feature in the first video for the band's upcoming album. Under the agreement signed between the Karachi, Pakistan-based rock band and the US based company Gibson's India Office, Strings will use Gibson Guitars exclusively.

Gibson has also agreed to provide them with their exclusive tour busses and access to Gibson Amphitheatres wherever available.

Said Bilal, "It is a great honor standing in the line with great musicians such as sir Paul McCartney and the Edge who also endorse Gibson and especially because we have been chosen as the very first band from the sub-continent to endorse a legendary brand".

Strings have just finished recording their fifth studio album which will be released in January 2008 by Sony-BMG. The band has drawn up an extensive touring schedule in the lead-up to that release.

The Gibson Guitar Corporation is one of the world's best-known manufacturers of acoustic and electric guitars. Artistes such as Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow, Mark Knopfler, The Edge (from U2), BB King, Slash (from Guns N' Roses/Velvet Revolver), Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) are some of the artists that endorse Gibson Guitars.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Video Teaser : Ali Haider's Agar Pyaar

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Video : Shiraz Uppal - Roya Re

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